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Funeral Floral Arrangements – Express Your Feelings and Condolences With Flowers
heart-shaped-funeral-wreathOffering funeral floral arrangements is one way to honor the deceased and to express sympathy and solidarity with the family of the deceased. The flowers may be accompanied by a card, which can have a small comforting message. As the card is small, the message must be short and sweet. The card should invariably have the full name of the sender.

Types of Funeral Floral Arrangements

Flowers for funerals can be arranged in the following ways:

Funeral Wreaths:
Funeral wreathes are arranged in circular design. The circular design is a symbol of eternal life.

Floral Crosses:
Arrangements in the form of crosses are mostly offered by Christians. White crosses with a background of dark green foliage are traditionally used as a symbol of faith and purity.

Sprays and casket sprays:
Sprays are arrangements meant to be viewed from one side. Casket sprays are usually selected by family members. Casket sprays may be a lid or full blanket casket or half blanket.

Other arrangements:
These are arrangements in any form, which are pleasing to the eye. Different flowers are arranged in baskets and containers or offered as cut flowers.

Casket-spraysFlowers for a funeral create a sense of warmth and a comforting atmosphere. It adds dignity to the funeral service and creates a lasting impression of the funeral. Funeral flowers symbolize love, sympathy, friendship and of immortality and eternity. It is customary for funeral flower etiquette to offer a funeral floral arrangement that expresses your feelings such as love, peace, sympathy, and condolences for those who cannot express their feelings in words.

The choice of funeral floral arrangements is generally as per the requirements of the sender and the feelings they want to express. While making a choice, the decision of the person is often influenced by the significance attached to the particular flower or color. For example red roses signify love, respect and unity, white lilies stand for peace and white daisies for innocence. Similarly, the color white symbolizes peace, blue is for calm and comfort. It is best to choose funeral flowers which will be well accepted by the family.

Choosing Funeral Florists

funeral-flower-arrangementsChoosing the right funeral florist is also an important consideration, if you are not making the arrangement yourself. A specialist for funerals will be able to offer you the best designs for funeral floral arrangements. Local funeral florists may know the deceased and the family well and could offer helpful suggestions as regards the choice of flowers and the type of arrangements. They will be in the best position to advise you on local traditions as well. Online florists permit you to order flowers and arrangements from wherever you are. They arrange to deliver the flowers.

The funeral florist generally will arrange the flowers as per the orders of their customers. The florist has wide knowledge on the range of flowers available, the seasons in which particular flowers are available, the combinations which gel well, how long the flowers will remain fresh as well as the latest trends and designs in arrangements. They also understand the traditions that must be adhered to, while offering flowers. Hence it becomes important to work closely with the local funeral florist to select appropriate flowers for the funeral floral arrangements.

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